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Junior Achievement Worldwide is a non-profit organization founded in 1919 by Horace A. Moses, Theodore Newton Vail, and Winthrop M. Crane in Springfield, Massachusetts. After World War II, it transitioned from being a national entity to a regional one, and in 1960, it expanded internationally. Since its inception, it has become the world's largest NGO dedicated to educating youth in business matters. 

Junior Achievement operates in 116 countries around the world, inspiring students to reach their full potential and succeed in a global economy. Our programs promote entrepreneurial spirit in young people and have a key innovation component to position themselves in the various countries where we are present.

"When the opportunity to lead JA presented itself to me, I was drawn to JA's mission: to inspire and prepare young people for success in the global economy, to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. I saw the opportunity not only to impact the youth but also to make a real change in the world through their work and legacy."

– Asheesh Advani

JA Colmbia

Junior Achievement arrived in Colombia 24 years ago, and we have transformed the lives of students from the most vulnerable population in our country.

In its beginnings, the Foundation received support from Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, BankBoston, IBM, Amway, Casa Editorial El Tiempo, and Pfizer, who were chosen as co-founders. In the following years, renowned national and international companies were involved to support its mission.

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