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Since April, Junior Achievement Colombia, with the support of the Jorge Vergara Foundation, has been promoting the "Unstoppable" program in Colombia. This program aims to foster resilience and the development of a solid life project for 46 women aged between 14 and 17 who reside in a specialized institution, protecting them from various forms of violence.

After participating in a comprehensive training program, the young women from the Casa Hogar Sagrada Familia have graduated as specialists in professional makeup and have charted a clear path towards economic autonomy and entrepreneurship. This achievement has strengthened their personal skills to advance socially. This initiative has become a reality thanks to the coordination of programs such as "Escalera al Éxito," which has developed job skills, "Women Entrepreneurs," which has fostered their entrepreneurial capacity, and technical training in professional and artistic makeup.

One of the primary objectives of the program has been to motivate young women to prepare themselves and improve their skills to build a promising future. They have been encouraged to recognize their strengths and weaknesses in all areas of their life projects, setting specific goals to achieve their purposes. They have learned and applied strategies to be resilient, facing and overcoming the challenges that arise, assuming their life project with attitudes and values strengthened by the program.

Unstoppable Colombia has developed teamwork skills and encouraged participants to recognize their own qualities and those of their peers. They have understood the value of diversity and the importance of each individual in a team. This collaboration has allowed them to learn and grow together, fostering a spirit of mutual support and solidarity.

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